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Waves hitting the snowy shore.

Mallards reflected in water as they lift off.

Photograph of George Wallace in a stance that makes him appear to be saying, 'Mr. Wallace to you.'

Photo shows a volunteer worker and two children learning some art processes at a day care center in Kansas City, Kansas.

This photo shows a volunteer worker helping Mexican migrant children learn skills, this time sewing.

Photographer says, 'I shot this picture story for the 1972 Athena. Ohio University student volunteers help out at the Athens Mental Hospital. Playing games, helping them walk around or even helping them smoke. The kids brighten the spirits of the…

A member of the graduating class at Villanova University protests the Vietnam War at commencement.

It's student at student's throat, as a youth frustrated from entering class at Columbia University, by anti-war pickets, takes matters into his own hands.

A wounded father refuses medical care for himself until the wounds of his son have been treated in Hue hospital. The father and son were among thousands of refugees that had fled through a gauntlet of artillery and bombs from the city of Quang Tri…

Series of photographs of soldiers during an invasion of the demilitarized zone.