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A lone man walks amidst the debris in a street of this small village in Southern Italy Monday morning. A killer quake struck the Southern regions of Italy Sunday night killing at least 400 people and leaving thousands homeless.

Former superstar quarterback Joe Namath plays the role of 'Little Abner' in a community theater in San Bernardino, CA. Namath admits he's not much of an actor or dancer but its a way back to Broadway.

Changing her name from Donna to Ra'shualaamu Beruni, she adopted the dress and life style of the Muslim faith. Her new name means, 'mysterious, powerful, peaceful one.'

One of the most celebrated fiddlers comes from a poor Catholic town called Pomeroy in Northern Ireland. John Loughran was blinded in an accident a few years ago and his four year old neighbor Mary McCullough has been his eyes, helping him look after…

Series of photographs of women mud wrestlers.

Series of photographs on women mud wrestlers.

A man and his cats sit in a kitchen. No information given with photograph.

Every fall, park rangers climb over the carved faces at Mount Rushmore. The purpose, to clean, inspect and repair the national landmark.

Viewers are struck with the 'painted' quality of the picture of West Germany's Fortuna-Gasdorf coal mine. West Germany's reclamation techniques examples for the rest of the coal producing world, including the U.S.

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