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Venessa Combs (left) is restrained by a friend as she tries to enter her burning home where her mother and her two nephews perished during a 2-alarm fire in Boston's Dorchester section.

After being injured in the Hyatt Hotel sky walk collapse, Sol and Rosta Koenigsberg comfort each other being taken to a hospital.

A medic leads away one of 15 persons injured in a 6-car collision that also caused a truck to jackknife over a bridge railing. The accident happened on the highway 24 bridge of Yakima, WA.

Expectant mother, Rita Bruce, is comforted by her son, Jeremiah, after the Jackson County Community Action Agency bus they were riding was hit by a car and rolled over. The driver was killed instantly, 20 people, including 12 children were injured.

A sobbing woman tries to comfort screaming children and a passerby attempts to comfort a more seriously injured person on the ground after an accident on Los Angeles' Santa Monica Freeway.

Mourning at yet another veteran's funeral.

He died in Vietnam, we're just burying him 10 years later, said fellow veteran and friend of Bill Hardesty, a Louisville veteran who committed suicide last spring.

A distraught mother looks for a photograph to adorn her son's casket. She believes he experienced another of his frequent flashbacks, imagining he was walking into a Vietnam jungle. In reality, it was a lake and he drowned. More Vietnam veterans…

Searching for her husband, who left a suicide note, has taken its toll on Marilyn Watson.

While Bob Watson's wife conducts her own search for her suicidal husband, a counselor for the Veterans' Center also combs the neighborhood.