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Cloth tape secures the hawk to x-ray film holder. Tail, legs, and wings are bound separately, the head is pulled back and taped.

Laboratory technician administers tranquilizers to the hawk so it can be prepared for x-rays.

In the care of Dr. Michael Paster of the Avalon Animal Hospital, an injured sparrowhawk peers from behind the bars of his cage. The hawk was left at hospital for setting of broken wing. Paster alleges that a cat caught the bird by surprise. After…

Lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen, of the rock group Van Halen, leaps high in the air during a performance and lives up to the title of the band's most popular song of the '1984' tour.

A woman waits for her car at a valet parking lot amid the design of the lot's structure.

A lead picture to go with a story to illustrate the All-American vacation in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

The longshoreman's union announced that 300 jobs would be opening and 10,000 applications would be available, people from all over began lining up in their automobiles three days in advance. A drive-in theater would be the distribution site and the…

For the Monongahela River Valley there has been no economic recovery. The seasons change, but the harshness of the recession lingers. In 1979, the six United States Steel facilities in the Mon Valley employed more than 28,000 production and…

An unemployed Longshoreman Jack Harper makes a desperate plea for work a few weeks before Christmas.

Joseph Lawrence snaps after losing his job at a restaurant. He throws things from his Manhattan window and police were called in.