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A shepherd known only as “Luigi” had to move his herd over the Ventura Highway in western Los Angeles County to get to more verdant pastures. The Highway Patrol closed an overpass at sunrise on a Sunday morning and sheep were herded over.

Vietnam veterans parade down Wall Street during the ticker tape parade.

Nantes, France - French kidnapper Georges Coutois shot at a crowd of journalists while running out local high court this afternoon. He is chained to Court President Dominique Baelhache.

Saying that his surroundings reminded him too much of his loss, Mom’s father--unemployed and speaking no English--packed their belongings. He hadn’t yet decided where to move.

Her mother’s death sent Mom on an emotional roller coaster. She often played feverishly, trying to be too busy to think about her loss.

Normally, Mom was an outgoing, rambunctious second-grader, but when cancer struck her mother, she became quiet and pensive at times. Her classmates and teachers tried to be understanding.

Mom Doss and her father care for Mom’s dying mother at home. Since her father spoke no English, Mom had to keep hospice workers apprised of her mother’s condition.

Cincinnati - Spring Semple, 10, protests her father’s failure to pay child support for her and her three siblings. Spring’s father, like thousands of other divorced fathers, work, yet do not send their court-mandated support. Spring is poor, as…

Chicago - A young friend pays last respects to Elbert O’Neal who was shot by gang members in the Cabrini Green Projects in retaliation for trying to stop violence there.

Chicago - Eleanor Sims was 14, a child herself, when she gave birth to Livita (who is eight months old in this photo). Eleanor is pregnant again.