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SEM of Aspergillus Niger, a common fungus, mag. 200x.

SEM of dust ball contents reveals insect legs, spider webbing, insect skin, and sprout, mag. 2,200x. Also numbered #14590 SEM of gangrene bacteria mag. 5,000x

SEM of a fragment of an insect's eye amid hairs and cotton fibers, mag. 1,000x.

SEM of a fleck of human skin, mag. 200x.

SEM of household dust magnified 500x.

SEM of a dust mite among blanket fibers, magnified 500x.

We spend our whole lives fighting dust, and yet, when it gets into a big clump, we think of it as a little creature. We elevate it to cute animal status by calling it a dust kitten or a dust bunny. There's twice as much dust inside your house as…

Her social worker lends strength and love after the toughest decision of her young life.

Decision made, lawyer hands the forms that will 'forever, and hereafter, and irrevocably' place the care of her child in someone else's hands.

The struggle intensifies, keeping or placing, which will be the best or at least bearable.