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Venus wakes up on the steps of a church where she spent the night.

Venus panhandles at the corner of Lexington and 77th in Manhatten.

Venus shooting up on the low east side of Manhatten.

Venus in front of 'Show World', a burlesque house where she used to dance.

Venus Williams is one of 10% of women who now comprise the fastest growing category of HIV infection. In New York, where AIDS is now the primary cause of death in women age 25 to 44, 61% became infected through I.V. drug use. During the last four…

Herberto Rodriguez, age 18, in a maximum security cell at California youth home in Whitier. He was with the gang since he was 12 years old. He says he will stop gang banging when he is released in 1993.

Florencia gang members show off their tattoos in their high school yard.

An Ice Cream truck driver was shot by two suspected gang members(wannabee). No money was taken. The emergency medical team fights to save his life as neighbors look on.

Deputy sheriff Fidel Gonzales holds an AK-47 assault rifle, one of thousands of guns taken from gang members stored in the Sheriff's Property warehouse in Whitier. These weapons are to be melted down.

Thomas Regalado III, age 2, was killed in a drive-by shooting in retaliation for a family members attempt to leave the gang.