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Although this woman looks happy enough to be in heaven, she's actually in the Crazy Horse Saloon in North Miami Beach, FL where male stripteasers perform nightly for a primarily female audience. The women are not allowed to touch the men, but if…

The spirit of determination of this young athlete in the Special Olympics is apparent in every move. Mark, nine, staggered under the weight of his bowling ball, dropped it on the floor with a resounding boom, and gave it his mightiest shove.

Retarded child bowls in Special Olympics.

Zindzi is the daughter of Nelson Mandella, an imprisoned political leader of blacks in South Africa. Here she is in her home in tribal garb.

A momentary pyramid was formed as a Philadelphia Fury punched the ball through two San Diego Sockers during a game in the North American Soccer League.

Photograph of a snake eating a mouse.

Young girl makes a face at a group of snakes during a rattlesnake roundup in Texas.

A young child cries out for help as he almost does the splits on his skis.

Photographer says, 'No this picture is not upside down, but the young athlete on the skateboard is--and in midair! Kelly Finn is demonstrating the form that won him top national ranking among thirteen-year-old skateboarders.'

Photograph of I. B. Singer.