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Gary Bowers monitors Joey as he makes soup for his family. Joey sometimes uses to much fatening ingredients that needs the watchful eye of his father.

Joey finds it difficult to put and take off cloths while trying to buy shirts and pants that fit him at a local store.

Joey Bowers, 11, who weighs 170 pounds, waves his money while yelling at passing vehicles hoping they will stop and try his lemonade in San Bernardino California. Eleven-year-old Joey Bowers of San Bernardino stands 4 feet, 8 inches. He weighs 170…

Larry Smith, 57, straightens the American flag he hung in the front doorway of his house on Golden Street in San Bernardino which was destroyed during the San Bernardino Old Fire. Smith lost everything.

Penny Pretzinger cries on her husband's Dick shoulder after visiting her home along Hook Creek Road in Cedar Glen for the first time since The San Bernardino Old Fire destroyed it and many other homes in the canyon.

A California Department Forestry firefighter Lou Sciocchehi stands amongst burned pine trees after The San Bernrdino Old firestorm jumped Highway 18 at Santa's Village near Skyforest.

Wyatt Spellman, 5, washes soot and dirt from his face from a water pipe amongst the rubble of his burned home in Devore.

Monique Mendoza is consoled by her boyfriend Alfred Vasquez after she found her cat called,'Kitter', in the rubble of her destroyed house in San Bernardino. The San Bernardino Old Fire burned over 300 homes.

A firefighter walks through smoke while putting out several spot fires alone Lytle Creek Road after Grand Prix burned the mountian side near Rancho Cucuamonga.

A San Manuel firefighter Laurie Green hoses down a house fully engulfed with flames near 54th and Sepulveda in San Bernardino. The house could not be saved.