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Glenn Chapman helping Mrs. Chapman from Albany Park Police Station after fire in which their son was burned to death.

Gyppy, baby squirrel found on a Jackson, Mich., lawn, soon learned the importance of a nursing bottle.

Lew Woods and Jake La Motta battle it out to a state of utter exhaustion.

Here's one youngster who can't agree that school is for him.

This is one of a series of pictures which appeared in the Chronicle, spotlighting the war housing problem, and the progress made in its solution.

Singer Grace Moore thought it a good idea to have her picture made while sitting on her baggage. The bag she chose as a seat tipped off the hotel truck, ting Miss Moore as seen here.

Taken on a very dark and windy day in St. Louis. Photo shows man chasing his cap.

The Great Lake was churning with white-capped waves in a brisk September gale when this picture was taken from a sand dune near Peer Marquette Park.

Crying child comforted by other children.